Investigator Project

Investigator comprises two granted exploration leases EPMs (EPM 27343 and EPM 27344) covering 115km2, located 110km north of Mt Isa and 12km south of the Mt Gordon Copper Mine.

Figure 10: Investigator project location.

Figure 10: Investigator project location.

The Investigator Copper Project area is located in the Western Succession of the Proterozic Mt Isa Inlier. The project covers a north-trending package of Haslingden Group and McNamara Group strata within the Mount Gordon Fault Zone. The Investigator Fault Zone is comprised of three main east-west striking faults; the South Investigator Fault, Mid Investigator Fault and North Investigator Fault. The faults merge into one on EPM 27353. The Investigator faults terminate to the west on the north-south striking Stockyard Creek Fault and the Esperanza Fault, which form part of the greater Mount Gordon Fault Zone.

Investigator is under explored. No holes have been drilled to target the most prospective stratigraphic and structural positions. Anaconda Australia (1980 to 1982) drilled 4 diamond holes in the south of the project area testing the shales of the Paradise Creek Formation. These holes intersected minor chalcopyrite in quartz-carbonate veinets. Of significance, historic drilling showed indications of what is now recognised as Mount Isa-type copper mineralisation and alteration, including silica-dolomite alteration.

In addition, the previous drilling focussed solely on black shale hosted copper mineralisation. The Mammoth Gold Mine at the nearby Mt Gordon Copper Mine is hosted in the Whitworth Quartzite. Investigator is situated along a similarly oriented fault zone to Mt Gordon Copper Mine, contains the same stratigraphy. Mapping has revealed large chlorite hematite breccias situated along the Investigator Fault. Anaconda Australia noted “elevated geochemistry, notably Cu, Co, As and locally Zn, were encountered in several zones corresponding with brecciation along the Investigator Fault” (see Figure 11).

Figure 11: Geology of the Investigator Project

Figure 11. Geology of the Investigator Project

Sunshine Gold’s strategy for Investigator is summarised below:

  • complete a heritage survey over the northern strand of the Investigator Fault;
  • complete mapping and sampling of chlorite – hematite breccias along the Investigator Fault; and
  • complete a 3D IP survey over most prospective breccia positions to refine drill targets.

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